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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Vanessa Minnillo and "very Moved" Decision Wedding Dress

When Vanessa Minnillo ventured out of the wedding dress shopping all the dreams of a little girl, is not going as planned. Minnillo, whose birth mother was not more than 20 years of his life is not the mother fought with him on this special day. "Usually it's something you do with your mother and my biological mother did not have in my life since I was 9 years," he said with emotion to people. "I agree that until now, but for some inexplicable reason, really got me. I felt lost, confused and sad. I was very touched." Maid of honor son, my friend, Jennifer Lee, from Birmingham, at his side, he worked Minnillo Monique Lhuillier trying to find the perfect dress. "It 'was the most difficult decision of wedding planning together ... probably because there is no need to support Nick [Lachey]," says Minnillo. "We decided together, even if his [Dolce & Gabbana] Tux. For the first time I felt a little 'alone.

"Getting some kind of clarity, the bride-to-the decision to ask his opinion of his friend." I said, "What do you want me when you get married, and I will be Mrs. Lachey?" Remember that. And a lot of surprise Lachey Minnillo did not give a general answer to the men on the other hand, was willing to say "something a little" tradition and modernity. "Therefore, the next moment, again to provide Minnillo Lhuillier boutique in Los Angeles ... and the rest is history." Literally the next day I went to Monique, and I tried three dresses at once. As soon as I put it on, I realized it was her. "Jennifer Garcia

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